About Us


Tony Arampatzis, founder of TM Fitness, has had a love for fitness since a very young age. Born and raised in Miami, FL sports were a large part of his life. Lettering in several sports throughout his high school career he decided to pursue playing football at the collegiate level. Following an injury late into this senior year, that dream would be postponed. Tony would later find himself working at a local fitness center owned by the Miami Dolphins. It was this atmosphere where he was able to cultivate a passion for fitness, and begin to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a fitness center.


Not long after this, Tony’s collegiate aspirations would come true. He would receive an offer from a Community College in Fergus Falls, MN to play full back for their football team. After playing for Fergus Falls for 2 years, he was later recruited by Northern State University, making Aberdeen, SD his new home.

From a Classroom to the Gym

Coming to the rural Midwest would prove to be quite a shock to Tony. At this time, while playing for NSU, the Barnett Center wasn’t built yet. The only facility NSU and city of Aberdeen offered was a modified classroom on campus with hardly enough equipment to cover the basics. Not only used by athletes and staff from NSU, but the Aberdeen public. Making for a very cramped environment. However, this minimally equipped classroom, was the spark that lit the idea in Tony’s mind to offer Aberdeen a better solution. A proper gym with proper equipment. In 1986, at the age of 24, Tony opened his first location in downtown Aberdeen – Tony’s Gym.


Since this time, Tony has moved to 5 different locations around town. His 4th location was relocated away from the downtown area, and renamed TM Fitness Studio. A sleeker more efficient kind of fitness facility with 24hr access, one of the first in the state! In November 2011, Tony would move back downtown to his current location with no plans on moving anytime soon.

Passion for Fitness

Tony’s passion for fitness has fueled him throughout his 35+ years of working within the field. Over this time Tony has competed in various aspects of sports and performances such as: bodybuilding, powerlifting, and cycling. As well as coaching middle school football and strength and conditioning to gymnastics teams. Even training Bull Riders to improve their grip and core strength. All of this has allowed Tony the opportunity to work with and coach a variety of athletes and clients. Looking to pursue similar goals or to simply improve health and be in the best shape possible.

“I thrive on helping people get in shape, and to feel better about themselves. I love to help people of all ages take their health and training to the next level. I consider owning a gym to be one of the most rewarding parts of my life.”

Tony Arampatzis

Commited to Keeping Aberdeen


Tony Arampatzis